About Us

This site is about 52 dreamers that we can learn from. Why 52? Well, this is a one-year project! You’ll have a story to read every week for the next year and these are strictly people I personally converse with. These folks have had their own struggles and made it through; they truly have stories worth being told.

The aim is simple – For us to move ahead and live our own dreams as well! Join me in these conversations and let’s pick up what we must for our own lives. This site may be about them, but it really is for us.

photoAbout me? My name is Ravi Kiran and I’ve been in the training field with an eye on business in the future. As clichéd as it sounds, I’ve always been one to believe in the power of dreams and this project inspires me to do and be better – just like I hope it does with you. On the not-serious side of things, I love my share of TV shows, movies, non-fiction and graphic novels. You can find me at @ravikiran_j on twitter. That’s a picture of me with the sun in my eyes, a.k.a the George W. Bush look.

If you have suggestions as to who should feature on this site, please drop me a mail at 52dreamsalive@gmail.com.


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